Leaving so soon

It’s hard to believe this month in Peru is coming to an end. The last week has gone by faster than I could have ever expected. After visiting Uros Island we went to the island of Amantani. We walked to the top of the island, sat in the middle of Incan ruins and watched the sunset.

That night we settled into our new home with a family from the island. They got us all dressed up and took us to a party. We danced and danced and danced…

The next day we took the boat to the island of Taquile for lunch. The view from the island was stunning. The water and sky were so blue and you could see the snow-capped mountains of Bolivia just across the way.

I have done and seen so many new things this last month that it is hard to keep track.  It is even harder to step back and take it all in.  I have spent nights watching traditional Peruvian dances…

Walking the Cusco streets filled with art and culture…

and meeting so many new friends…

I had no idea what to expect before I came to Peru. I knew Machu Picchu was on the list and volunteering at an orphanage.  I don’t think I could have ever imagined the lessons and experiences that I would take with me on my return.

Although I have learned so much from sightseeing and tours, I owe a great deal of thanks to these ladies…

They have taught me more about life than any tour ever could.

I believe the next few days will be both exciting and sad.  I am happy to return to my loved ones but will be very sad to leave this amazing country.

I guess I’ll just have to start planning for my next trip back!

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