Trip to Puno- Uros Island

This weekend Ashley and I went to Puno.  We left Cuzco at about 10pm Friday and traveled all through the night till 4:30am Saturday morning.  When we arrived in Puno we slept in a hostel for 2 hours and then began our two day tour of Lago Titikaka.

The first place we went to on the lake was called Uros Island.  This is a small man-made island built completely out of  Totora reeds. A man from the island told us all about how they initially built the island out of reeds and how they have to keep it up weekly so that it does not sink below the water.

Then a woman named Yolanda put all the girls in the traditional clothing.  I loved all the bright colors they used! We were also able to get a peek inside her house.  The houses were so small and consisted only of a couple of rugs and a bed.  They hung the clothes on the wall and the kitchen was outside. Some of the families used solar panels to run certain appliances.

Then we went on a boat tour around the island.  We saw the little school house that the elementary school kids take a boat to every week day.

While we were on the boat a little girl from the village sang traditional songs to us as well as a very broken English version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

We could not believe the detail that went into making the boats, houses and the island in general. They told us that a boat could take about 1 week to make and about every month a new roof had to be built.

A couple of hours on the island was definitely not enough.  Every direction I turned I could see new structures built from these single reeds.  It was such a unique community but alas it was time to move on to the next stop, Amantani Island.

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