Siempre Joven (Part 2)

The next morning Ashley and I decided to go on a hike to Mandor Falls. These two waterfalls are located at the beginning of the jungle of Quillabamba.

In order to get to the falls we had to first follow the railroad, squeezing next to the mountain walls while trains passed by.  Then we had to follow the Urubamba River.  We suddenly found ourselves surrounded by an endless abyss of green.

Around a corner of trees we spotted the first waterfall.

It was a small waterfall that reached up as far as we could see and ended in a little stream covered in yellow flowers. We headed on the path to see the next waterfall.

And made a little friend on the way.

We could hear the loud splashing of water up ahead.

We made it! Small drops of water covered our hair and face. It was refreshing after walking through the hot sun.  The waterfall was so powerful we could not take our eyes off of it. Everything around was completely still, no wind or bugs buzzing about, just the sound of the water cascading down.

We took our time to relax in the jungle and take it all in. From the bottom of the first waterfall you could see a hint of ruins from Machupicchu.

On our way out of the jungle, right before we hit the main road, I spotted a yellow flower in front of me.

Rest in Peace Morgan ❤

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