Alejandro Fernandez y la musica romantica

Since the moment I arrived here I have been introduced to possibly the most romantic music I have ever heard.  First I listened to el guapo, Alejandro Fernandez.

Then I was introduced to the father of this strapping man, Vicente Fernandez

The women adore the two of them, especially Senor Alejandro. I have noticed that it is not only the older women that adore romantic music, but the kids too.

While I was at work today a little girl came up to me Miss” (sounds more like Meees) she said. “Puedes traducir este cancion” (Can you please translate this song for me?). As I sat down to read it over I realized it was yet another heart throbbing love song. Most of the lines went something like, “Until the end of the world I will always love you,” “Nothing in this world can seperate us,” “Please come back to me I love you.” I told her that when I was done translating this she was going to know the most romantic phrases in the English language.

As soon as I finished one song she handed me another that was just about the same. Afterwards I had her sit down  and try to read it. Most of the girls know the basic sounds of the letters. We went through a couple words such as “you” “world” “it” “because” “love” and I had her practice them to familiarize herself with them. She started to try to read it on her own and did a fantastic job. After she read her first line all the way through she got up, jumped around and screamed, “Puedo leer en ingles!” I translated that for her and she started yelling, “I can read english! I can read english”

The other girls ran over and have already started preparing their songs to be translated for next week. One girl opted out to using a Spanish song and wants to go straight to learning to read the lyrics for Michael Jacksons, “Thriller” (her request).

With all this romantic music it was time to bring in a little something new. Today my host mother and I went to the large market, El Molino (like a swap meet) and picked out some new music.

We returned to the house with a complete collection of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Queen.

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2 Responses to Alejandro Fernandez y la musica romantica

  1. Colleen! So cool that you are doing all of this. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures throughout your stay in Peru, I love it already!

  2. J says:

    that last photo looks like cusco is really pretty. looks nice and warm!

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