Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

The main reason I came to Cuzco, Peru was not just to see famous ruins like Machu Picchu. It was because of a place called Hogar El Buen Pastor. This is an orphanage in Cuzco that has children of all ages.  While I am here I’ll be teaching English to girls from ages 12-17 every day of the week.

Today I had my first day at Hogar El Buen Pastor. When I walked in there was a long path covered in flowers of all different kinds.  The girls here are taught many skills such as gardening, sewing, cooking, etc.  On the other side of the garden were huge stalks of corn.  Maria Elena told me that the girls are taught how to grow their own food and then prepare it for meals.

Within minutes of meeting the girls I had a couple of them attached to each arm as we made our way to the classroom.The girls were chatting back and forth in both Spanish and Quechua.

Where do I begin to start teaching English?

I started to ask the girls things they liked, “Justin Beiber” was a popular answer along with Senorita GaGa! I could see they were getting very restless. Un Cancion! (a song!) they said. Days of the week was something that also came up as something they wanted to know so the only thing I could think of to sing was a slightly altered version of the opening song to Happy Days. They loved it!

The girls would not stop singing it. Then Mother’s Day came up and they wanted to sing something to their mami, the women that take care of them in the orphanage. Since I did not want them to get overwhelmed we sang a new song to the Happy Days tune, however this one went

“Mother, mother I love you! Thank you, thank you for being you! Mother, mother I love you! Thank youuuuuu!”

For the next couple of hours they would break into this song singing it over and over again.

In exchange for teaching the girls English I was told that I had to learn a song in Quechua. It’s posted below. Try to see if you can say most of it. I sure couldn’t at first.

llau llau puka polleracha (x2) Imata ruanqi saray ujupi (x2) Mamayquimansi Willara musag. Taytayquimansi Willara musag. Saray ujupi qospaskayquita (x2).

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2 Responses to Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

  1. Rebenator says:

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time!! I love the story can’t wait for more!!

    Miss you muchisimo!!

  2. Tricia says:

    Colleen! I love your blog! You need to talk to Julia, she’s been teaching English in Paraguay….she might have some tips. haha. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re off to a good start on one of the many adventures of your lifetime! I hope you have a great month and I hope you brought imodium…

    love, trash

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