Art and Sleep

Here is a little glimpse of my little and humble abode. It just about fits a bed, a nightstand, a desk and a closet. Not too shabby.

For the last couple of days the festival of the Cruz Velacuy has been going on, which is a festival of the Catholic crosses. The city center has been filled with beautifully decorated crosses and I have fallen asleep since I arrived to the sounds of big explosions (fireworks) in the mountains.

Last night I went to the city center in Cuzco for unas bebidas (a few drinks). First I went to a very authentic…Irish Pub to watch the Barcelona soccer game. Then we went to a Pisco bar. Little did I know that Pisco is a very popular and delicious Peruvian Liquor.  Pisco also means, “little bird” in the Incan language of Quechua.

This morning we went back to the city center to get all my travel plans in order. While we were walking around I saw a zillion women Indigenas (the women you think of in Peru with the long skirts, fedora-like hats, and babies tucked into the brightly colored shawls on their backs). I was taken back by how much culture they still have and the many traditions they still follow.

While we were walking down the street I saw this beautiful mural by Juan Bravo.

It is huge and spans the history of the Incas and la lucha against the Spaniards. I know I will be back for more photos to get the whole thing. It is filled with so many colors and passion for the Inca culture.

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3 Responses to Art and Sleep

  1. andrew rodell says:

    Wow I love youyr living space! Do you have room for a painting easel?

  2. andrew rodell says:

    I think I’d sleep the other direction 🙂 what time is it there?

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